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Our Chat with Good Housekeeping Editor Meaghan B. Murphy

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

We sat down with Good Housekeeping Editor, Chief Spirit Officer, soon-to-be Author, overall bad ass Momtrepreneur and fellow Renaissance Mom, Meaghan B Murphy at the Mother Honestly Summit!

This is what she has going on...

As we mentioned, Meaghan is a soon-to-be author. Her book, "The Fully Charged Life: A Radically Simple Guide to Having

Endless Energy and Finding the Yay in Every Day”, is set to be released in May of 2021 with Penguin Random House. In her book she talks about being guided by fun, saying that she will find the ‘yay’ in everything…and her “everything” is A LOT.

In addition to writing a book, Meaghan is currently the Executive Editor at Good Housekeeping magazine, which has an audience of over 18 million strong. She plans and edits the magazine while maintaining its media presence as a regular guest on Live with Kelly!, Dr. Oz, and the Today Show. Check out her Today show series where she lets us in on brilliant life hacks, such as sealing envelopes with nail polish, getting zippers unstuck with Windex, the key to a perfect smoothie, and using your kid’s Play-Doh to clean up messes (yes, you read that right...Play-Doh).

Speaking of kids, this badass girl boss is also a mother of three, Irish Triplets no less! The New Jersey-native is raising her three kids—Charlie, James, and Brooks along with their labradoodle, Dempsy in Westfield, which she affectionately calls “Bestfield”. She even features an Instagram page for the town that is a self-described love letter to Westfield, where small town happenings and all around adorable photos of the tight knit community are shared.

Meaghan told us that F stands for Fun, Freedom, and Family. Which is why when we asked her what she is looking forward to most in 2020, she told us: family time, a vacation to Antigua, and finishing her book. That sounds like a lot of “yay” in 2020 if you ask us!

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